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Jiangsu Agile Technology Co., Ltd. was registered in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) in 2008 with a capital of 15,8 million yuan. In 2009, the Sino-Singaporean Suzhou Industrial Park Ventures Capital Co. Ltd., a venture capital company in SIP, realized a risk investment operation in the company. Agile Technology is based on its own independent data security technologies and products. It is committed to assist businesses, individuals, government and defense by ensuring Network Security Management, Information Asset Security, Data Confidentiality, Classified Protection, Protection of Intellectual Property and Privacy through information security products, solutions and services of highest quality. Agile Technology has passed CMMI maturity evaluation by an authorized certification body and is awarded the title National High Technology Enterprise in China.In 2010 it received the Office of Science and Technology’s approval to establish the Cloud Security Engineering Research Center of Jiangsu Province. It is also one of the founders of the Information Security Institute in JiangsuProvince, an industry alliance for information security that promotes collaboration between members and provides information security support to enterprises in JiangsuProvince. Today, Agile Technology has 150 staff members and has started its international expansion.

Agile Technologies leading products are: Data Guard file encryption system (Agile-DG) (Standard Edition, Professional Edition, Enhanced Edition, Individual Edition), Active Data Backup system (Agile-BAK), File Distribution Control system (Agile-FD), Desktop Security Management system (Agile-DSM), Data Leakage Prevention system (Agile-DLP), Private Cloud Security Solution (Agile-PCloud-S). The products have received the Chinese Ministry of Public Security's information security computer product sales license, the State Commercial Cryptographic Administration’s commercial encryption product sales permit and other licenses and certifications. It owns 19 software copyrights, 1 authorized invention patent and 1 exclusive license patent for invention.

The company has corporate customers in mainland China and Hong Kong, Taiwan and some foreign countries. The products are widely used in manufacturing, government, communications, energy, transportation, retail, design exploration, defense and other industries – the prospective market is broad.

Agile Technology wishes to comprehensively improve the level of computerization in accordance with national requirements through continued development and continuous innovation, by creating new data security technologies and new industry models. Our goal is to realize outstanding achievements beyond borders, by constructing an international data security industry base.

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